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Centre Directors

Trudi Edginton

Trudi is a clinical psychologist and mindfulness teacher. She is interested in exploring the neurobiological, cognitive and psychological effects of mindfulness in clinical, community and educational settings with a focus on ageing, individuals with neurological conditions and carers.

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Jutta Tobias Mortlock

Jutta is a Reader (Associate Professor) in organisational psychology. She explores the use of non-traditional mindfulness interventions in workplace settings to help teams be and do well, and to change workplace culture through mindfulness.

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Angeliki Bogosian

Angeliki is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Health Sciences at City. Her research involves developing and evaluating mindfulness interventions to improve psychological adjustment in people with neurological conditions.

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Beatriz Calvo-Merino

Beatriz is a Reader and Programme Director for City’s MSc in Clinical, Social and Cognitive Neuroscience. She is interested in how bodily and motor experiences influence the ways in which we process other people’s actions and emotions.

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Beverley Duguid

I see mindfulness as a way of life. It fits into my love of research and writing where I’ve worked on projects about inequalities suffered by different groups. I am currently employed at City as a Research Assistant in the School of Health Sciences.

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Paul Flaxman

Paul is a Reader in organisational psychology and takes a lead role in developing and evaluating acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) for staff in healthcare settings, local and central government organisations and schools.

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Tina Forster

Tina is a Professor in the Department of Psychology. Her research is concerned with the neural correlates of touch and body perception, how we gain awareness of our self, and how our body contributes to affect and cognition.

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Sebastian Gaigg

Seb is a Reader in the Psychology Department. He is interested in understanding the reasons for the high prevalence of mental health difficulties among those with autism as well as the potential benefits of mindfulness-based practices.

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Matthew Grundy-Bowers

Matthew Grundy-Bowers is a Senior Lecturer in Advanced Clinical Practice and Consultant Nurse in HIV/Sexual Health. He is interested in the clinical application of mindfulness to help with acute pain.

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Ailbhe Lynch

I first fell in love with mindfulness 7 years ago while living in Beijing, no doubt observing the integration of mindfulness into everyday life and society played a role. I then decided to pursue this as part of my career journey by joining the Organisational Development team.

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Aylish O’Driscoll

Aylish is a Lecturer in counselling psychology at City. She uses qualitative methods to study practitioner mindfulness, mindfulness and compassion, and the use of mindfulness in the treatment of trauma.

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Fran Smith

Fran is a Co-director of the Counselling Psychology Research Clinic at City. She is interested in theoretical accounts of mindfulness as well as the practical application of acceptance and compassion focussed therapies.

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Anya Beaumont

Anya recently completed her MSc in Organisational Psychology. She is a Yoga studio manager and interested in bringing mindfulness to more diverse audiences, in particular in male-dominated leadership contexts.

Stephen Cantarutti

Stephen is a PhD student at City. He is interested in the effects of mindfulness on attentional bias, especially among those suffering from addiction. He has also been involved in research on mindfulness and smoking cessation.

Mat Court

Mat is a Commissioned Officer in the Royal Navy and studying for a PhD at City University. He is interested in leadership behaviours and how collective mindfulness influences organisational resilience.

Sonila Dardha

Sonila is a PhD researcher in Survey Methodology at City, an MBSR graduate and a regular meditation practitioner. She is interested in understanding how mindfulness impacts performance and quality of life.

Lena de Klerk

Lena is completing her doctorate in counselling psychology at City with her research focusing on metta or lovingkindness. She is interested in how mindfulness and meditation intersect with mental health.

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Giovanni Dobbiani

Giovanni is studying an MSc in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership at Cass. He is the founder of the Cass Mindfulness Society and works in synergy with CEMR to inspire students and the business community to adopt mindfulness in the workplace.

Hotri Himasri Alapati

Hotri is a cognitive neuroscience and psychology graduate. She is interested in researching the impact of mindfulness on well-being, memory, behaviour and emotions. Hotri’s particular focus is on identifying the underlying mechanisms of these effects.

Lisa Strandqvist

Lisa is studying for an MSc in organisational psychology. She project-managed the launch of CEMR and is interested in how mindfulness-based interventions can improve organisational wellbeing.

Lucie Zernerova

Lucie is a Research Associate who has completed her PhD at City. Her doctoral research focused on mindfulness as a personal resource in contemporary models of work-related stress and motivation.

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Adam Cox

Adam works closely with CEMR’s directors to translate CEMR insights into operational guidance. He has held numerous Chief Strategy Officer positions, as well as been a trusted strategy advisor to Government Departments and CXO executives of Fortune 500 companies across the globe.