About CEMR

Jutta and Trudi, CEMR Directors

Our ambition

is to draw on innovative ideas and connect dynamic minds through CEMR to explore current and emerging challenges and opportunities in mindfulness science.

Our mission

is to bring this ambition to life using CEMR as a springboard for developing and extending thought-leading research and scientist-practitioner partnerships.

Our goal

is to extend the scientific evidence base on mindfulness initiatives in diverse contexts and help shape the next generation of mindfulness research, practice, and policy.

CEMR members and partners at the centre launch.

CEMR members and partners at the Centre launch.


The activities we create for CEMR are designed to enable you to:

  • Learn cutting-edge research insights on mindfulness to unearth more knowledge about this multifaceted area in behavioural science.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals and groups to strengthen and build a evidence-based mindfulness community of practice.

Please get in touch with:
Jutta: Jutta.Tobias-Mortlock@city.ac.uk or Trudi: Trudi.Edginton@city.ac.uk to connect with us and belong to our Centre.

Listening to CEMR members talk about their research.
Conversation at our recent launch event.
Introducing a new guide to managing anxiety in autism.
Our mindfulness pod courtesy of Inhere.